ISO5627 Automatic Bekk Smoothness Tester For Paper Paperboard

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উৎপত্তি স্থল: উহান, চীন
পরিচিতিমুলক নাম: BonninTech
সাক্ষ্যদান: CE, ISO
মডেল নম্বার: BN-BK01
ন্যূনতম চাহিদার পরিমাণ: 1 সেট
মূল্য: USD3000-6000/set
প্যাকেজিং বিবরণ: স্ট্যান্ডার্ড এক্সপোর্ট শক্ত কাগজ বাক্স
ডেলিভারি সময়: 5-10 দিন
পরিশোধের শর্ত: টি/টি
যোগানের ক্ষমতা: 200 সেট/মাস
যন্ত্রপাতি: কাগজ পেপারবোর্ডের জন্য স্বয়ংক্রিয় বেক মসৃণতা পরীক্ষক দুরত্ব পরিমাপ করা: (1~9999) সে
ওয়ারেন্টি: 12 মাস, আজীবন প্রযুক্তিগত সহায়তা

ISO5627 Automatic Bekk Smoothness Tester For Paper Paperboard


BN-BK01 Automatic Bekk Smoothness Tester is designed for paper and paperboard smoothness performance testing according to the internationally accepted Bekk smoothing instrument working principle. Its performance parameters and technical indicators are in accordance with ISO5627 “paper and paperboard smoothness measurement (Bekk method) ) and GB456 “paper and paperboard smoothness measurement method (Bekk method)” and other standards, is the ideal testing equipment for paper, quality inspection, scientific research and other industries and departments.

Main Features:

1.Imported Oil-free vacuum pump,can work without oil

2.Fast measurement:can choose a small volume chamber measurement, measurement time is only one-tenth of a large volume chamber, saving time in measurement.and the function of”automatic test” has been added in , can greatly save time when testing high smoothness.sample

3.Good seal: adopted foreign vacuum sealed plastic and advanced sealing technology to achieve the national standard requirements;

4. Adopted 7.0 inches color touch-screen which makes it easy to operate.

5.Instrument has strong data processing ability, can be directly the statistical results of the data.

6.Adopted CAM and spring structure design, when measuring the single chip microcomputer automatically control synchronous motor rotating ,load pressure and clip paper

7.Data communication: by buying the PC software, the instrument can be connected via USB cable to communicate with the computer.


Main Technical Parameters:

Power supply AC220V±10% 50HZ
Measuring scope (1~9999)s,can be divided to (1~15)s,(15~300)s,(300~9999)s,And the automatic (no more than 200 s)
Timeaccuracy ±0.1s within 300s
Vacuum system volume(ml) the bigger volume 380±1
the smaller volume 38±1
Contact pressure(kPa) 100±2
Vacuum scope(kPa) 50.66~48.00
automatic No limit
Air volume(50.66kpa down to 48.00kpa) Bigvacuum volume 10.00±0.20ml
Small vacuum volume 1.00±0.05ml
Dimension 325*390*430mm
Net weight 30kg

ISO5627 Automatic Bekk Smoothness Tester For Paper Paperboard 0

ISO5627 Automatic Bekk Smoothness Tester For Paper Paperboard 1
FAQ 1. Are you a factory or trading company?
We are a factory.
FAQ 2. Can you supply OEM?
OEM is available.
FAQ 3. What's the MOQ ?
(1). MOQ is 1 piece. The disposable supplies order usually at least 1 box.
FAQ 4. How about the order processing and lead time?
After order confirmation and receive the advance payment, we will prepare the machines and goods. Usually could ready within 10 working day, when dispatch, will inform client and send the documents for client making import customs clearance.
FAQ 5. What quality will be ensured?
100% new and quality inspection before delivery from factory.
Stable export box for good package.
FAQ 6. Can you guide the working?
The machine will deliver with English display, English manual and video for installation and operation.
FAQ 7. How can your engineer replace parts if they are not beside the machine?
Bonnin’s engineer could provide the solutions by email and video. In warranty period, we can send spare parts for free and life-time technical support for spare supply.


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